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08/12/2009 0

Gentei Ghost Starscream

By Administratus Prime

The 8th exclusive dubbed as the Transformers Generations 2009 Volume 2 exclusive Gentei Ghost Starscream surfaced today from multiple sources. The exclusive is from Million Publishing. The figure is a very much made with translucent plastic to portray it’s ghostly effects.

This toy is a mail-away exclusive product only available by an offer with a purchase of the book Transformers Generations 2009, Volume 2. To represent Starscream’s ghost, it is cast almost entirely in translucent plastics, except the parts made of softer plastic (like the upper legs).

This toy was scheduled to be released in Japan on the 26th November 2009, however we have not seen any images of the toy until today. Contributors such as Actoys and few others have uploaded their galleries.

To check out Official Website of Million Publishing on Gentei Ghost Starscream here. Here are some samples below.

Source: TFW2005/Tformers

05/11/2009 0

Leader Starscream Galore

By Administratus Prime

ACToys has posted three new images of the upcoming leader class Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Starscream have been posted over at an Asian Transformers forum board, ACToys.

The image features comparison with

17/10/2009 0

Leader Starscream

By Administratus Prime

Fans echoed their grouses in 2007 asking for a big Starscream. However it did not materialize until 2 years later. Behold, the creme de la creme of all the seekers – Leader Starscream! Teaser pictures have surfaced of the most anticipated 2010 release, and the most anticipated figure in the Revenge of the Fallen toyline.

The possibility of this figure was first revealed to us during Botcon 2009. The pictures show off what seems to be jaw and neck articulation as well as having a unique take on hand articulation.

Some fellas from TFW2005 has managed to take some new screen grabs from the 25 years of Transformers segment on the new Revenge of the Fallen Blu-ray.

Among these are higher resolution images of Starscream, and a screen grab for a work in progress character named “The Plague.” Also seen on that image is concept art for Ransack.

However cut the crap of other non-relevants, here are some wholesome goodness of this most anticipated character in ROTF. If this leader class was released much much earlier, I bet the voyager sizes can become some obsolete shelf warmers.

Source: TFW2005

02/09/2009 0

Henkei Starscream Coronation Kit

By Administratus Prime

Henkei Coronation StarscreamTFsource.com famous with it’s upgrade goodies has listed a new pre-order for an upcoming upgrade kit designated for the Classics/Henkei line. This time, Aerospace Commander Starscream gets the custom treatment by receiving a set of Coronation Kit similar to his Masterpiece counterparts. Though miniaturish, this upgrade kit is a must get for all the Screamer fans out there.

Product Features

13/02/2009 0

ROTF Starscream

By Administratus Prime

 After seeing the box image version of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Starscream, we are finally treated to an out-of-box figure shot of the figure.

17/06/2008 0

TF2 Game Revealed

By Administratus Prime

TransformerToys.co.uk posted a possible synopsis for the next “Transformers” video game, that may be titled “Transformers 2: The Ultimate Battle”…