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20/05/2010 0

TF PRIME Time Slot Revealed

By Administratus Prime

Thanks to Media Week who have posted an article about The Hub and the line they have planned for the fall when the channel debut’s on 10/10/10. Tranformers Prime will be run in the 1 PM EST to 6 PM EST time Kids Afternoon/Prime slot along side the GI Joe, My Little Pony and three other shows to fill the five hours of programming.

The Hub

02/05/2010 0

ROTF Banzaitron Revealed

By Administratus Prime

Entertainment Earth has posted a pre-order page for the Decepticon Banzaitron that is a repaint of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen series voyager class Bludgeon action figure. The figure was announced by Hasbro at this year’s Toy Fair event and now we get to see the repainted figure in colors with “Awesome” character bio summary.

The figure features awesome armored tank transforms into obscure Decepticon warrior Banzai-Tron! Comes with awesome sword and firing cannon and awesome color scheme! Their war, our world! The massive robots in disguise can be anything– a helicopter, a rescue vehicle, even your car– and who knows what they’re after?

This is the individually packaged Revenge of the Fallen Banzai-Tron toy, which transforms into a tank. Inspired by the original Action Masters toy, plus he has a skull-like head in robot mode and is ready to fight! Measures about 6-inches long.


09/03/2010 0

Takara Animated Shockwave Revealed

By Administratus Prime

Seibertron member vansch has informed us that Chinese online auction website Taobao.com has listed the unreleased Takara Version of Transformers Animated Shockwave.

In this auction, we get to see the first in package image of the Decepticon spy. Takara version Animated Shockwave is scheduled to be released on 24th April 2010.

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Transformers: Prime’s BB Revealed?

By Administratus Prime

Allspark member Monocle has posted an image from Brandweek – a media advertising magazine that looks to have given us a sneak peak of the possible Bumblebee design for the upcoming Transformers cartoon – Transformers:Prime.

This image is mainly an advertisement for “The Hub” and this version of Bumblebee does look similar to his movie counterpart.

28/12/2009 0

Lockdown Bio Revealed

By Administratus Prime

The latest to be revealed is Lockdown by Ebay seller TFCToy where he has acquired the newest Revenge of the Fallen Deluxes in package. The figure is not a repaint of Animated Lockdown, but an entirely new figure. He is a new mould