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22/03/2010 0

Animated Japan Game Preview 25.3.10

By Administratus Prime

The Tokyo International Anime Fair happening on March 25, 2010 will include a preview of the Transformers Animated Japan games from Sega in Japan. The two games named (translated) are “Chase Animated Transformers” and “Animated Shooting Transformers.” The screen shot shows this to be a first person shooter type game.

Check out more details from the following that was auto-translated using Google Translate: Big game company Sega, March 25 from the Tokyo International Anime Fair will be held four days over the 2010 Transformers Animated to commercial debuted on the theme of the game. Card game for kids, “Chase Animated Transformers” and “The Animated Shooting Transformers” is two.

“The Chase” We beat the enemy transformers handle runaway operation, and “The Shutin” In defeat the enemy through the transformer cancer, go to clear the stage. Start up of the game is scheduled for this summer, rates have been played here yet.

Any games that target the core layer and the boys. The combination of good at card games and Sega, the new game to appeal to children.

The enclosure will be unveiled this new game is set up in the venue of the fair was established Transformers Animated Transformers Anime is in the booth. Has been possible to actually play the game at the venue. It can be deployed ahead of the summer and early experience.

Transformers Animated is on every Saturday morning from 8 Sun, including broadcast TV Aichi and TV Tokyo from the time, since June is also shown on Channel Kids Station animation expert. Takara Tomy is planning to expand this tailored to a wide range of toys.

Popular Transformers brand abroad mainly Western, such a strong toy sales, suggests that the goal was achieved in Japan. General Anime Fair open to the public March 27 to Sun, the Takara Tomy Transformers to Animated 11 is expected to release a toy library. TV, toys, games and DVD for business that there is a release of BD.

“Transformers” is based on the development of Tomy toys is the view of the world’s created a character and world view of the U.S. toy company Hasbro. TV animation, made in the U.S. so far has been made and several made in Japan.

Among those Transformers Animated is the latest in U.S. production. Animated toys and a fusion of Japan and the U.S., it might be interesting if the kids accepted the game. Read the original post in-language at animeanime.jp.

Source: Tformers

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Animated For Japan

By Administratus Prime

Famitoy has just announced that Transformers Animated toys will be released in Japan in 2010. Among them is sixteen figures based on the main characters will be released between April and March of next year as well as five sets of twin packs.

The single packs are TFA-01 Optimus Prime (3600yen), TFA-02 Bumblebee (2300yen), TFA-03 Bulkhead (3600yen), TFA-04 Ratchet (2300yen), TFA-05 Prowl (2300yen), TFA-06 Megatron (3600yen), TFA-07 Starscream (3600yen), TFA-08 Lockdown (2300yen), TFA-09 Blackarachnia (2300yen), TFA-10 Cliffjumper (1200yen), TFA-11 Dirge (1200yen), TFA-12 Arcee (2300yen), TFA-13 Blitzwing (3600yen), TFA-14 Shockwave (3600yen), TFA-15 Lugnut (3600yen), and TFA-16 Soundwave (2300yen)

VS Twinpack will feature Optimus Prime VS Megatron (6800yen), Bumblebee VS Starscream (4500yen), Ratchet VS Lockdown (4500yen), Bulkhead VS Soundwave (5600yen), and Prowl VS Blitzwing (5600yen).

Source: Famitoy