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02/06/2010 0

Takara Animated Grimlock

By Administratus Prime

Prior to the 3rd wave release of Takara version Transformers Animated figures this weeke in Japan, Japanese Transformers collector – Alfes 2010 released a set of shots of Animated Dinobots – Grimlock. Takara gives Grimlock a shiny metallic paint work, and the color used are closer to Grimlock’s Generation 1 counterpart.

Tagged as TA-17, this Grimlock is really gorgeous in metallic compared to the overseas versions. The unit comes with a robust package. The bio stories of the package, the G1 is not it really reminiscent.

It became the latest design almost perfectly biologically but the figure is rather slouching. The monster-like image has played well the G1 Dinobots tribute. Minute by pressing the button on the neck will activate mouth opening action.

The shape of the eyes, gave you the feel of Grimlock’s cruelty. It have good joints where the figure the standing is okay. But moving to a strict form of indirect crotch, it is a strict kneeling. If you move the impossible, or too likely to loose a bit of a waste and moving it into force. The stiffness of the joints have you think so much, as you know yourself that overseas versions are happier to get this?

Magma sword is really good. Stipe shape, it can hold hands inserted into the hole part and shed light, where he seems to burn correctly. The figure have been brightly painted, I think you can feel that strength. This figure is fun.

Source: Seibertron