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03/04/2010 0

Generations Drift Repaint As Blurr

By Administratus Prime

Parry Game Preserve has received their answers from the first round of the 2010 Hasbro Transformers Q&A. Of interest is the answer to their question regarding if there was a repaint of the upcoming Transformers Generations Drift planned.

Preserve: At Toy Fair this year, a Classics 3.0 Drift was shown. Has a redeco/retool been planned for this toy at this time? Hasbro: Yes, we have planned a redeco for this item. So to beat you to your next question, it will be Blurr. We have tooled up a new head and weapons for him and let us say, he looks awesome!

Preserve: What design considerations did the team discuss to bring the character Lockdown from the Transformers Animated world over to the Revenge of the Fallen line?

Hasbro: Basically, it started out as the designer of ROTF Lockdown liked the design execution of Animated Lockdown and translating this fan favorite into a realistically stylized vehicle. Incidentally, he was already working on the DLX version of Ratchet and needed a mortal enemy.

He took great care in keeping the iconic design elements from the animated figure (spikes, crazy face, signature vehicle

04/11/2009 0

Drift In The Making?

By Administratus Prime

Dismissing the custom Drift that Singaporean fans had earlier, GenZhao of KOToys have posted some new images of Transformers that are described as “prototypes of toys in development.”

Without much more information on what the figures are, there’s much to speculate about. The figures appear to be deluxe class figure. The designs are Cybertronian in nature with exotic stylings that don’t echo any production cars we know of.

Likewise, they do not appear to be homages to any Generation 1 character designs on first look.

This figure is somewhat reminiscent of the Drift character with the rear spoilers giving us some good queues that this may be more pumped up version in toy form.

Only time will tell. It is way too early to be making Transformers 3 toys so we’re most likely looking at a new line or extension of an existing one.

Could these be new Universe Action figures. Or toys for the new transformers link Hasbro hinted at recently. What do you think they are?

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