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23/12/2009 0

Devastator Tops X’mas Most Wanted

By Administratus Prime

TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen Construction Devastator from Hasbro has been named in the Toys R Us Hot Toy List for Christmas 2010. The leading specialty toy retailer has unveiled its annual list, filled with new items that parents will be searching for this Christmas.

Kids can take control of the ultimate weapon in the evil Decepticon army with this monstrous Transformers action figure that can be built by combining six different construction vehicles known as the Constructicons.

Before converting into Devastator, children can pretend they’re waiting to ambush the heroic Autobots at a construction site with these Robots in Disguise, including Longhaul, Mixmaster, Scavenger, Rampage, Scrapper, and Hightower.

After changing into its ultimate form, Devastator can unleash its weapons with lights and sounds that bring the excitement of this summer’s blockbuster film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to life. Two AA batteries required (included). Suitable for ages five years and up.

Here are the Toys R Us ‘Fabulous 15’, representing the best new toys of the holiday season (listed in alphabetical order):

23/12/2009 0

Hasbro’s Legends Class Devastator

By Administratus Prime

Hasbro Legends Devastator wraps the Constructicons into a nice, neat package, and presents them in a clean, clear way that collectors, fans, and children should enjoy. The Devastator gift set includes transformable legends class versions of Constructicons Scrapper, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Rampage, Hightower, Scavenger, and Overload.

While there has been no retail price announced on this yet, due to its size, it should be a more affordable option for any collector. I have only reviewed the set MISP (mint in sealed package), but it seems to be EXACTLY the same as the Takara EZ Devastator set. The paint apps when scrutinized from the outside of the box and compared to my EZ Devastator seem to be exactly the same.

The package is a oval plastic. Similar to what one received when they bought a Target Exclusive Allspark version a few years back, it is not cardboard, but will display very nicely, especially with a set of the regular-sized Constructicons (as you can see in the photos).

BIO-“Never before has a robot so powerful been seen anywhere in the galaxy. Indeed, few forces on Earth can match the strength and fury of CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR. He is the equal of Earth’s most powerful storms.