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15/04/2010 0

Marvel Crossovers: Ironman, Symbiote

By Administratus Prime

Marvel Crossovers are in a slow phase but continue making waves. As for the latest, Ghenzhou of Kotoys has released an extensive gallery of the upcoming Marvel Crossovers Iron Man.

Compared to the previous release as a jetfighter and assault cycle, this time Iron Man returns into a sleek red sportscar.

The car is surprisingly larger (around 17cm) than any average deluxe-class Transformers produced now. This version of Iron Man will be released as a tie-in in conjunction of the latest Iron Man movie this fall along with his counterpart, War Machine.

This figure looks like a scaled up Legends class figure in function and lack of form with very crude articulation. See if this guy’s worth your $15.

Besides Iron Man, just in are more official images from Hasbro of the Marvel Crossovers Spider-Man Symbiote version with the black suit.

This toy also looks to be somewhat dumbed-down as far as articulation and poseability goes. Just like Iron Man, his alt mode is also a sleek black sportscar.

Source: Tformers