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02/05/2010 0

Takara MP-4S Convoy Sleep Mode

By Administratus Prime

TakaraTomy would like to say to you, “Welcome to Transformers 2010.” To celebrate, Takara will release a series of figures starting with a black (yes, another) repaint of the MP-4 Convoy, titled MP-4S Convoy Sleep Mode (a.k.a. dead).

This is a different twist on the Nemesis take, with this version made to represent the deactivated or “dead.” Optimus Prime. No doubt a homage to the movie scene.

The MP-04S Convoy Sleep Mode figure will be made as a limited edition run of just 2010 pieces. Each with a serial number ranging between 0 and 2010. Don’t get too anxious for this set as the retail price is 21,000 JPY / $223 USD plus robot points from other Transformers products.

The green-colored glowing Matrix will be accompanied with all of the accessories as the previously released versions of MP-4, including the trailer.

This is the first leg of Takara 2010 Headmasters Celebration program that they will be introducing at least three more figures for from the 3 open spots on the page. Most likely through out the year with a final release announced for a New Year’s special as Takara traditionally does.