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23/12/2009 0

Human Alliance Barricade

By Administratus Prime

MidnightBliss has posted some of the 1st in hand images of Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy from the Revenge of The Fallen line! The 1st Decepticon in the Human Alliance line, Barricade was released sooner than some expected, showing up in stock at site sponsor BigBadToyStore just a few days ago!

Here’s what MidnightBliss had to say about the figure – transformation is really close to the deluxe version. A few more little steps added and that’s it.

Like Bumblebee he has a weapon for one of his hands. The left hand is a “spinning blade” that pops out when you press the gas cap on the car.

Frenzy can ride in the car or under the hood ala the deluxe version. He is as big as HA Bumblebee. Frenzy is like the other HA humans.

Tiny and hard to stand. He can lay flat in the “chest” of Barricade and man guns that flip out. His mouth opens and closes for the head gimmick.

19/08/2009 0

Barricade Sold For USD36K

By Administratus Prime

Barricade SoldFans of the first Transformers flick will be familiar with Barricade, the Saleen Mustang doused in Police livery that chased Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) and Bumblebee all around town.

One lucky bidder recently wrapped their dirty mitts around the Mustang, one of only three built by tuning company, Saleen. Built in 2005, and equipped with a few bits and pieces to transform (excuse the pun) the Mustang into a Decepticon, the