Wingblade Optimus Prime

Wingblade Optimus Prime

19/09/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

Japanese member of Seibertron has revealed Takara’s TA-38 Transformers Animated Wingblade Optimus Prime that has been recently released in Japan this weekend.

Wingblade Optimus Prime has gained popularity as one of the most highly sought after figure after Hasbro decided not to release it. That makes fans have no choice but to go for Takara for this gem.

Wingblade Optimus Prime is based on the standard voyager class Animated Optimus Prime.


Along the standard voyager, there are 2 more counterparts that fall in the same class that is the Seibu Exclusive Black Optimus Prime, recently released for an event called The Transformers Museum.


This piece is limited only to 300 worldwide. The other one was the Elite Guard Optimus Prime, released as the Million Publishing Exclusive, Japan only exclusive. The deco is based on the EZ (legend) collection style.

As for Wingblade Optimus Prime, Takara gives him a crystal clear body. However, his accessories are pure solid plastic. Tagged as TA-38, his accessories contain a pair of ‘Wingblade’ jetpack, a Magnus Hammer (similar to the one used by Utra Magnus).

Wingblade Optimus Prime is actually a redeco of Deluxe The Battle Begins two-pack Optimus Prime with attachable battle armor, representing Optimus as he appeared in “Endgame, Part I” and “II”. It includes both his jetpack and a slightly scaled down version of the Magnus Hammer instead of the character’s signature axe.

In vehicle mode, the Wingblade jetpack reassembles to become a trailer of sorts, but it is currently unknown how the hammer is stored. One can guess that it stores the same way as the two Deluxe Optimus’ axes do — in between his legs. His Wingblade jetpack and Magnus Hammer are compatible with the original Voyager Class toy in both modes.

Takara’s upcoming release of this figure will package the Wingblade armor and accessories with a translucent redeco of the Voyager Optimus mold, rather than the Deluxe Hasbro plans to use.