Up Close Generations Junkheap

Up Close Generations Junkheap

12/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Along with the fresh releases in Hong Kong with Sky Shadow is Junkheap where both of these made the last figures in Generations line. Hopefully they are the last of 2011 but not the last of the franchise though!.

Junkheap introduces the reused mold of Wreck Gar with a new head and he has been seen posted over at HK-TF.com. With Sky Shadow, they make your perfect X’mas gift to wrap up the glorious TF year of 2011.

For starters, lets check out Generations Junkheap, complete with packaging shots with bio:


Assembled and raised in the scrap pile, JUNKHEAP is a supremely resourceful bot. It was he who helped orchestrate the repair and reboot of the disabled ULTRA MAGNUS. The mighty AUTOBOT was so impressed with the talent of JUNKHEAP that he encouraged AUTOBOT RATCHET to spend extended leave on Planet Junkion to hone his repair skills.

As for now, these two, with Sky Shadow have been released in Hong Kong. Check the images below after the jump.

Generations Junkheap - in packaging front and back

Generations Junkheap - robot mode, front and back

Generations Junkheap - action pose

Generations Junkheap - in alternate mode

Generations Junkheap - alternate mode, side view

Generations Junkheap - with the rest of the Junkions!