Transformers Vault: The Complete Transformers Universe

Transformers Vault: The Complete Transformers Universe

09/12/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

This is one hell of an essential book that you all Transformers freaks don’t want to miss. While this book has half a year more to be released (June 1, 2011) maybe hoping to get an extra push with Transformers: Dark of the Moon hitting theaters the next month), it will be interesting to see what kind of featured “rare” figures that the book will contain.

The book is authored by Pablo Hidalgo who is also the author of G.I Joe vs Cobra: The Essential Guide, and a managing director of The book is currently pre-orderable from Barnes and Noble for $24.95.

Officially licensed by Hasbro, Transformers Vault: The Complete Transformers Universe reveals, for the first time ever, a comprehensive history of the transformers. Fans now have a hands-on guide to the epic battle between the Autobots and decepticons, including the toys, the original animated series, comics, collectibles, and merchandise, as well as animated and live-action feature films.


This heavily illustrated book features never-before-seen images from the Hasbro archives, seven interactive pieces of memorabilia, and an acetate slipcase with a unique “morphing” effect. Five visually driven chapters go behind the scenes of everyone’s favorite robots in disguise, featuring early animation sketches, interviews with creators, patents, prototypes, action-figure designs that never made it to production, vintage packaging art, and development art from the films.