Transformers Prime First Edition Reaches Malaysia

06/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

TransMY received the news today from our affiliate 1-Toy that the stocks for the first edition of Transformers Prime toys had reached the shop yesterday.

The line up consists of Arcee, Starscream, Cliffjumper and Bumblebee.

Already, a lot of Transfans who have learnt about this have been swarming the shop to get a closer glimpse of the Transformers Prime first edition wave and hauling them at the same time.


From the reports that we have obtained, Autobot Arcee is selling off like hot cakes followed by Bumblebee and the rest.

If you want to grab yours, please visit our affiliate’s websites for more queries – 1-Toy for Petaling Jaya area, Crefigz and Robotica for Subang area and V-Hobby for Kuala Lumpur area.

Transformers Prime first waves reaches Malaysia

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As for your eye candies, check some close up of Arcee pinched from Transformers Galaxy, a Hongkong Transformers fan group:

TFP Arcee in different angles in bot mode.

TFP Arcee in alternate mode

Source: TF Galaxy HK, 1-Toy