Takara AM-08 Zombie Cliffjumper Receives New Paintjob

Takara AM-08 Zombie Cliffjumper Receives New Paintjob

08/03/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

Talking about zombies, here is an interesting revelation made by Takara-Tomy recently regarding the release of Terrorcon Cliffjumper.

Referring to Rakuten, the Japanese side will be offering a much different variant from the stateside’s by having AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper decoed in purple instead of red.

Arm Micron coupled with purple Terrorcon Cliffjumper

As we all know that the First Edition Terrorcon Cliffjumper from Takara and Hasbro showed the First Edition deluxe Cliffjumper is painted in red deco with Dark Energon-infused wounds and broken horns.


Transformers Prime standard deluxe Terrorcon Cliffjumper

Surprisingly, the figure is no longer having those paint apps with the wounds, but still has the broken horn and those dreaded zombie eyes.

There’s some cosmetic changes for it’s vehicle mode where he will come with an extra bump on the rear deck lid, which is not evident in the previous Takara or Hasbro version.

Ravage-like Arm Micron figure

He will be attached to a Ravage-like one-eyed beast Arm Micron who was supposedly going to be his partner. This figure is slated for the April release.