Nokia X7, N950 Lookalikes Cameos In Dark Of The Moon

Nokia X7, N950 Lookalikes Cameos In Dark Of The Moon

02/07/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Nokia’s love of the Transformers franchise is undeniably strong and every since the first movie, they were hookup with the Transformers movie runs so deep that cameos of new Nokia devices can be seen as if they were thematically chosen for the movie.

It is no surprise to see plenty of the Nokia handsets in the film itself. The 4-inch X7 gets the most screen time in the movie instantly showing off Ovi Maps in 3D, but there’s also a portrait QWERTY device which may be the recently launched E6 or an earlier model such as the E72.

A lot of consternation has also arisen regarding a third Nokia handset glimpsed in Transformers 3, which could well be an N950 running MeeGo, though if you ask us, there’s no way a MeeGo phone would take 157 minutes to save the world. We’d expect a double-tap to kill the baddies, an edge-to-edge swipe to get the girl, and a simple flicking gesture to turn the lights out.


You can see the devices in the screenshots below (from an anonymous source) after the jump.

Photo 1: Looks like N950


Photo 2: Nokia X7

Nokia X7

Photo 3: Nokia X7 utilizing Nokia 3D maps

Nokia 3D maps

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