New TFP Voyager Optimus Prime Revealed in Japan

New TFP Voyager Optimus Prime Revealed in Japan

18/01/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

Takara Tomy have always tried to be different from the stateside and this time is no different when they revealed a new Transformers Prime Voyager sized Optimus Prime which was dictated as different from the standard version that the stateside is currently receiving.

The figure was revealed at the recent World Hobby Fair held in Osaka, Japan where it was showcased. On the figure, some difference can be spotted where some additional stuff and detailing can be seen.

The difference will be some chrome details, new Takara Tomy deco with a new Autobot insignia on the left shoulder.


He will come with some armament in the form of peg cannons that can be attached around the figure. They seem to be compatible with Power Core Combiner minicon figures as well.