Massive Galaxy Force Updates

19/01/2005 0 By Administratus Prime

Fan2Fan have put up a massive large update with new pics and info on upcoming releases throughout Feb-Apr. Takara and Konami held a distribution showroom displaying alot of new figures and revealing some information on almost every of them. The lists that was featured are as follows:

Galaxy Force: Cybertrons
GC-09 Guardshell (payloader) has been released.
GC-10 Nitro Convoy, (cybertronian car) releasing mid Feb.
GC-11 First Aid, (rescue vehice, Armada Red Alert clone?) releasing mid Feb.
GC-12 Skids, (cybertonian car) releasing mid Feb.
GC-13 AutoLander, (off-roader) releasing mid Feb.
GC-14 Fang Wolf, (wolf) releasing mid Apr.
GC-15 Saidos, (rhino) releasing mid Apr.
GC-16 Liger Jack, (lion) releasing end Apr.

Galaxy Force: Destrons
GD-05 Gasket have been released.
GD-06 Inchup, releasing mid Feb.
GD-07 Flame Convoy, (3-headed dragon) releasing mid Mar.
GD-08 DinoShout, (dino) releasing mid Mar.
GD-09 Demolishor, (8-wheeler crane) releasing end Mar.
GD-10 Tera Shaver, (pteranodon) releasing mid Apr.


Galaxy Force: Exclusives(?)
GX-01 Noise Maze, (unknown) releasing end Mar.

Galaxy Force: Versus Pack
GS-01 Buzzsaw vs Blurr (Armada redecos)
GS-02 Longrack vs Runabout (Armada redecos)

Micron Booster Vol.3, featuring Unicron’s minicon
RM-22 Lio Convoy
RM-23 Lio Convoy + DVD
Binaltech, TFC and Masterpieces display, showing that MP-02 Ultra Magnus will come with papercraft Magnus trailer.