Maketoy RTS G2 Optimus Prime Unofficial Upgrades

Maketoy RTS G2 Optimus Prime Unofficial Upgrades

26/07/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

MakeToy, a Japanese third party Transformers company have updated their website with an in-depth photo gallery of their upcoming G2 Laser Optimus Prime custom upgrade addons.

What is cool about these upgrade kit? Well, the kit gives Laser Optimus Prime extra battle armour to recreate it’s existing look to be more menacing and bulkier.

The armour kit converts into a tanker trailer, just like the one that RID Scourge had. It comes with a large and menacing arm cannons. Along with cannons, he is well equipped with a katana-ish sword for some extra metal slice-n-dicing!

Even a small component such as the sword is cool as it can be converted into two modes – one similar to the Laser Rod version, a homage to it’s G2 counterpart – the broad blade sword and the second mode is a narrower one.


Check out the pics courtesy of TFW2005 after the jump.