Hyper Hobby Black Rodimus

Hyper Hobby Black Rodimus

13/11/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

Through Tokuma-EC of Tformers he had revealed the first looks at the upcoming Japanese Transformers Animated Rodimus Black Version. This figure will be a Hyper Hobby magazine mail-in exclusive. According to the bio, this Black Rodimus was created by Megatron from an Allspark shard. Black Rodimus wants to kill Rodimus.

Check out the images after the jump. “Hoping to create a new powerful warrior, Megatron utilized a shard of the Allspark and Starscream’s cloning techniques. The result of that, Black Rodimus is given the assignment of assassinating Rodimus Prime.

Believing himself to be deserving of Decepticon leadership, Black Rodimus seeks kill the real Rodimus and take control of his team as the first step.”


Somehow, if the black deco doesn’t give you away, I have a feeling the ginormous Decepticon symbol on your chest will.

Hyper Hobby magazine seems very insistent that this is a valid part of the fiction, I feel like introducing them to fanfiction websites, Linkin Park and National Novel Writing Month (hey, that just started).

It’s a nice deco, but I can’t help but feel that the gold headlights ruin it for me. I’m sorry, but I hate seeing black and gold mixed when there’s already so much nice silver trim which accentuates the purple and….well I don’t think I need to justify my non-purchase of this seeing as though I probably won’t have a shot at owning one outside of eBay.

Or if he decides to assassinate my current Rodimus Prime figure.