Hasbro Reveals Translucent DOTM Voyager Prime

Hasbro Reveals Translucent DOTM Voyager Prime

23/09/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Translucent Transformers figure fans can rejoice. If you’re tired and fed-up with decos, here is something that you can look forward for.

Our fellow transfans from Hongkong, Transformers Galaxy HK has revealed some sweet photos in their FB page of the new and upcoming Voyager class Transformers Dark of The Moon Optimus Prime in translucent form.

Translucent voyager Optimus Prime - in alternate mode

Translucent voyager Optimus Prime - close up of the hood

If you hate Transformers Dark of the Moon Voyager Fire Burst Optimus Prime, you can skip those and give this version a chance to shine.


Translucent voyager Optimus Prime - the translucent roof

Translucent voyager Optimus Prime - robot mode

From the pictures, you can find that this version will come with brand new mechtech weapons. The translucent parts will be the roof and hood of the alternate mode.

Still unbeknownst to us if this version will be a mass release or purported to any exclusivity. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates at the moment.

– Transformers Galaxy