Generations Fall Of Cybertron Revealed in CybertronCon

Generations Fall Of Cybertron Revealed in CybertronCon

13/03/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

One of the most awesome revelation in CybertronCon must be Generations Fall of Cybertron Starscream! Some pictures of him was revealed during the panel discussion.

Thanks to a fan of, we managed to get a sneak peek of how this supreme air commander looks like.

First of all, he looks true to his War of Cybertron designs. He will be a deluxe classed figure only released as part of Wave 2 in Spring 2013.


Transformers Global Brand Director, Jerry Jiovin, also teased the crowed a little with the potential for the release of FOC Grimlock. When asked by a member of the crowd if we’d see him in the same wave, he sheepishly grinned and answered “Stay tuned”

Generations FOC Starscream

Generations FOC Starscream - alternate mode

Generations FOC Starscream - close up