DOTM Toy Updates

DOTM Toy Updates

21/01/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

With the ongoing excitement of DOTM toys, the month of January so far is still filled with excitement of DOTM toy revelations from many sources across Asia mainly landed in auction lists or personal ‘safe house’.

For the whole week running, three more auctions have popped up for DOTM figures. The first two are for the black SUV – Dreads surfaced in  Yahoo! Japan and RinkYa.

The figure in the Yahoo! Japan auction appears to be the same as the one previously saw in the prototype stage with the giant insecticon-like pinchers.

Starscream is not what many has anticipated for but the images posted at ACToys showing the two, along with the Dread figures, which was originally posted on 4chan.


As a bonus, a shot of Voyager Optimus Prime was treated to us with his full glory including the box and figure.

The second is a different mold and judging from the size of it is defenitely a Legends class figure. The Lowe’s Nascar can be viewed here Yahoo! Japan as well. Not long after, HK-TF member has posted more clearer images of the SUV, Nascar vehicle as well as Legend Class Bumblebee in a blue backdrop.

A transfan called Red Leader has gotten hold of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Leader Bumblebee and has graciously taken some pictures of the figure and shared them. The images show off the rather large gun that the figure will sport, as well as a comparison with Voyager Ironhide. The final image is the official promotional image that was leaked late last month, showing off what the final paint applications will look like.

The figure will get a lot of changes based on what the new figure from Dark of the Moon will look like. For a detailed list of the changes, check out this article. The new Bumblebee figures for Dark of the Moon will use a lot of these changes depicted in this image.

There must be some unwritten rule somewhere that every Transformers Movie line ends up with at least two of this toy somewhere along the line – because here comes Voyager Ratchet again for Dark of the Moon. The images you see here come via B-O-T of, it’s the 2007 Movie Voyager Ratchet on his potential sixth mass-retail outing in an updated colorscheme to reflect the new deco he has in Dark of the Moon. At the moment, we cannot confirm if this is for real or not – the lack of a MechTech accessory and the inclusion of the “Cyberglyphs” from Revenge of the Fallen is out of character with what we have seen of the Dark of the Moon toyline so far. Watch this space for future updates.

The next following is a much clearer view of what seemed to be a deluxe sized Wreckers #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Amp car and the Human Alliance Basic Dune Buggy. The Wreckers Amp vehicle is a Chevrolet Impala which curiously does not look much like the vehicle used for filming. It is maybe an off-screen character or little we know what Michael Bay have in store for us, probably a much larger team of obscured characters of the Wreckers that we wouldn’t know.

The Human Alliance Basic Dune Buggy was recently spotted in vehicle mode and seems to be some sort of triple-changer figure. The buggy fits one driver and had minor resemblance of previously released buggy in the first movie and ROTF.

While the Human Alliance buggy quickly building rapport, another Human Alliance vehicle, a one seater type special ops copter has made waves as well. It is very GI Joe-like type of copter something like the A.W.E. Striker. Both toys came unannounced, without prior notice of such toy existing.

Jolt in Michael Bay’s misinformation campaign mentions that he is not making a comback, but the toy who just showed-up at Yahoo Auctions, Japan suggested otherwise. This time, aligning to the Mechtech gimmickery, it looks like this guy who transplanted the afterburners on Optimus Prime now possess a pair of his own. From the looks, we can assume that this is the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class Jolt mentioned on the recently revealed toy list. So far no robot mode pics of him yet that makes us wonder if the mould is new or just an upgrade.