Dark of The Moon Final Wave Figures Surfaced

Dark of The Moon Final Wave Figures Surfaced

15/12/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Robotkingdom has recently showcased few Transformers Dark of The Moon figures which is among the last in the wave before Dark of The Moon close it chapters.

They are Wheeljack/Que, Soundwave and Jetwing Optimus Prime (Black Version). All of them are going to be out around 17th December.

While Wheeljack/Que and Soundwave has fans familiarized over their appearance from previously released stock photos of them, Jetwing Optimus Prime Black Version appears to be enticing.


Here are the bio of both the deluxes and more pics on Jetwing Optimus Prime Black Version.

Autobot Que

Deluxe Wheeljack/Que

When he first learned about the laws of physics, Autobot Que took them as a challenge to his intelligence. Laws, after all, were made to be broken. The Autobot technician has dedicated his life to pushing the limits of science. More often than not, his inventions of failed spectacularly, but when the succeed, they often change the course of millions of robots’ lifes.


Deluxe Soundwave

Earth is bursting with information. The very air pulses with radio waves. Worldwide computer networks vibrate with digital secrets. Soundwave collects it all, every voice is recorded, every birdsong remembered, every bit of data analyzed, information is power, and no one knows better than soundwave how to turn that power into a weapon.

Jetwing Optimus Prime Dark Version

Jetwing Optimus Black Version

Jetwing Optimus Black Version - back package

Jetwing Optimus Black Version - close up