Crystal Shockwave Unveiled

Crystal Shockwave Unveiled

17/08/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

While we haven’t got enough of the standard voyager Shockwave, another repaint is surfacing.

As tempting as he can be we have been served with this mysterious Transformers Dark of the Moon Mechtech Voyager Shockwave in a faint gray repaint, still retaining the purples as it’s signature colour.

Strangely though this version comes with a ‘crystallized’ tube which is transparent purple in contrary to the black one that the standard one had. Not much changes on the cosmetic side and no changes whatsoever on the physical side.


Also we are still unsure if this item’s name is really Crystal and it seems like the ebayer that put him up for auction is just using that name to differentiate him from the standard version IMHO.

The legitimacy is still in doubt too so we might as well keep this information as it is for the moment until the more official information pops out.

Check the new images from a surfaced from ebay and TaoBao auction gives us our first look at the robot mode and few more angles in alternate mode.