Brawler Class Revealed For Transformers Universe MMO

Brawler Class Revealed For Transformers Universe MMO

18/08/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Jagex has revealed their trailers, two of them previously for their upcoming Transformers Universe MMO based on the iconic Transformers brand. As they are making their presence in Gamescon, Cologne, Germany recently, visitors were given a chance to try out by choosing to be an Autobot or a Decepticon.

After choosing sides, users are allowed to customize the robot of their choice and print the characters that they have created. The game will allow players to choose classes of robots where each classes features unique capabilities to aid your campaign.

During Gamescon, Jagex also revealed one of the classes in the game called the Brawler class. A concept art of what character that belongs to this class were revealed as well. Brawler class basically features robot with tremendous size with ultimate fighting power. As they claimed, Brawlers will be the front line defense in any battle.


“Players who like to engage as the tank in co-op team play will be drawn to this Brawler Class. The strength and resilience of this class makes it the perfect choice for those who like to get up close in a battle environment, for those who like a good brawl.” stated Kris Jones, Transformers Universe senior producer.

Below are two samples of robots from the Brawler class. The blue-colored Brawler Transformer is a Decepticon Brawler, while the character in yellow and black is a representation of an Autobot Brawler.

Check out the pics below for a clearer picture of what’s coming.