April ROTF Releases

10/04/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

 The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen mystery Megatron turns out to be a Voyager, thanks to a comparative look with a previously seen Megatron figure posted by TF08.

We still don’t have explicit confirmation of the class of the smaller figure, but it definitely lends credence to the Legends class rumor that has been floating around.

Additional images of the Voyager class figure shows that it is a completely different design than the Leader class version. The figure also sports a blue-ish hue all around.


TF08.net has posted a quartet of awesome new images, including our first ever look at the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Mixmaster toy! This figure is the non-combiner variant of the figure.

Also seen is a Megatron Power Bot, and new images of the previously shown Leader Class Jetfire, Human Alliance Bumblebee, Devastator, and Barricade, complete with mechanical arms.

Deluxe Class Barricade (with the robot mode also on display), Devastator (including some new concept artwork) and Human Alliance Bumblebee. Click on the above link or the title of this story to view the images.







Another image also reveals that Megatron will get a Power Bot treatment.

Source: Tformers