Hollywood Diggin’ Chinese Products Thanks to Transformers

Hollywood Diggin’ Chinese Products Thanks to Transformers

27/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Product placement for Hollywood has become a big business for the film industry. Remember that during Transformers Dark of the moon was shown in mainland China, many audiences recognize four Chinese brands in the movie: Meters/Bonwe, Lenovo, TCL and Yili (Shuhua Milk)?

Chinese companies have shown an interest in getting them in US blockbusters, especially after the success of those brands in Transformers Dark of the moon.

Meters/Bonwe, one of the featured Chinese brands

According to sources, product placements in China are occurring more frequently, especially in online viral videos. Because of this, integrating products locally are becoming more expensive, making them more or less just as expensive as product placements in Hollywood.


The movie triggered the demand for US product placements from Chinese brands. These product placement gained tremendous exposure locally and internationally.

Now, more Chinese companies are looking to put themselves on the map by securing product placements in US-based films.