C&C Trucks Goes Truckformers

C&C Trucks Goes Truckformers

10/08/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

C&C Truck factory, not music.

Transformers fever is still on especially in China and while many company ads try to officially associate itself (via licensing and what’s not) to the official thing, a Chinese truck company called C&C Trucks decided to do something radical by promoting their trucks as transformers (without the capital ‘T’), all in a single ad.

It is not one but three trucks squeezed into a minute video clip that has gone viral in the internet already. They are promoting Road Tractor – a flat-nose tractor cab ala-G1 Optimus Prime, Tipper which is a dump truck – a yellow Longhaul whatever you want to call it and Mixer – of course, a cement mixer, the Chinese Mixmaster.

The ads show three trucks rollout from the factory / manufacturing plant through a dirt country road. All three showing off their transformation sequence persona and merging like Landcross in the end. A tri-partite gestalt. How sweet was that?


Check the videos up and lets see if the animator of this ads can join Josh Nizzi in Michael Bay’s fold.


If this ad makes you want to buy their truck, head over to their website C&C Trucks.