Rainn Talks TF with AICN

18/07/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

 AICN spoke with Rainn Wilson about his upcoming projects and plans including Transformers. Below is the TF segment where he discusses working with Michael Bay and click here to check out the full article.

Quint: So what are you working on now? You have some stuff coming up?
Rainn Wilson: Well, I just did a very small cameo in TRANSFORMERS 2.

Quint: Cool.
Rainn Wilson: That was kind of a blast. I got to work with Michael Bay and I was a big fan of TRANSFORMERS.


Quint: I spent a few days on the set of the first movie and something I noticed was that Michael Bay, I think he has an AD, but he doesn’t need one.
Rainn Wilson: He does everything himself.

Quint: He does everything and he’s not afraid to be the task master on a set.
Rainn Wilson: I saw him and he was literally giving the focus puller notes. The focus puller was like “No, you have to do it like this…” and Michael Bay is like “No no no, do it like this and hook this here and you can turn this here and you can get the focus this way…” Somehow I believed Michael Bay knew more than the focus puller. He even ran camera a couple of times. He did his own camera work.

Quint: Yeah?
Rainn Wilson: Yeah.

Quint: That must have been fun. I don’t imagine that you are in any scenes with any robots, but it would still be fun.
Rainn Wilson: No, I wish I would have had scenes with explosions, but yeah the only other thing is I have a bunch of film irons in the fire out there. I just handed in, last week, the second draft of this film BONZAI SHADOW HANDS to Jason Reitman and that is the script I’m writing myself to star in where I play a down and out alcoholic ninja.

Quint: Nice.
Rainn Wilson: Who lives in the San Fernando Valley.

Quint: Is that for Jason to produce?
Rainn Wilson: Produce and direct. He really liked the first draft and I think the second draft is a big improvement and hopefully at some point in 2009 we can do it.

Quint: I think that’s about all I’ve got.
Rainn Wilson: Alright, cool man, nice talking to you and maybe I’ll see you around one of these days. I think I’m going to be at COMIC CON, are you going to be there?

Quint: I will certainly be at COMIC CON, yeah.
Rainn Wilson: Maybe I will see you there. Quint: I’ll be there with bells on.

Rainn Wilson: We will get some hookers with strap-ons.
Quint: We will get some hookers and strap-ons and then we will make life imitate art.

Rainn Wilson: (laughs) There we go.
Quint: Alright cool man.

Rainn Wilson: Alright, later.

There you have it! I have a ton more that I’m trying to get completed and to you guys before Comic-Con wipes me out… and by wipes me out I naturally mean pounds me in the ass for money. Heh. Hope you guys dug the brief chat. Keep your eye peeled for more goodies over the next few days! Thanks once more to Muldoon for the transcription work!

Source: Aint’ It Cool