Patrick Dempsey As Mr.Penthouse?

Patrick Dempsey As Mr.Penthouse?

19/09/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

Patrick Dempsey’s “dark” character will be named Dylan in Transformers 3, according to the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog, who has been provided visual proof on the matter. The image provided to the website reads “Dylan’s Penthouse” and the location as the 16th floor of the Trump Tower in Chicago, IL, which was part of the production crew shoot for Transformers 3 back in July.

During the shoot in Detroit, MI, the characters of Sam and Carly (most likely performed by stunt doubles) are observed jumping from a platform to the tank/jet behemoth, which may be involved with the penthouse filming scene.

Dylan (played by Mr. Dempsey’s stunt double) was also seen on the patio, according to TFLAMB.


Additional images of the shoot, which depicts the same what we saw yesterday, are also available at the website.