DOTM Partly Singaporean

DOTM Partly Singaporean

15/07/2011 4 By Administratus Prime

While Transformers fans all over the world is celebrating the coolness of Transformers Dark of The Moon 3D effects have to offer, many do not know that part of the animation for the summer’s top-grossing film Transformers: Dark Of The Moon was made in Singapore.

DOTM is ILM's goodness

DOTM is ILM's goodness

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a visual effects division of Lucasfilm, collaborated with entertainment software company Autodesk to produce over 235 of the 575 shots and 19 of the 36 sequence in the movie.

ILM also contributed shots such as those of the robots, vehicles, visual effects and set extensions and enhancements, including some of the transformation shots.


By training Singapore-based digital artists to use Autodesk’s industry-leading 3D Digital Entertainment Creation software, ILM Singapore was able to take on many complex shots in what has been the local outfit’s second 3D stereoscopic production.

One notable sequence created by artists at ILM Singapore include the shot of Bumblebee rescuing Sam in the alley, which was also featured in the movie trailer.

Of the 156 people from the Singaporean studio of Industrial Light & Magic, 30 per cent were Singaporeans.

Transformers was the first project the Singapore studio worked on, while the latest instalment is the studio’s biggest project to date.