What TransMY is All About & This is What We Are

What TransMY is All About & This is What We Are

13/05/2004 0 By Administratus Prime

TransMY consists of Trans (trns) means across; on the other side; beyond; also a short for ‘Transformers’ and when both combined it means Transformers away (across) from it’s home origin that is the US/Japan and my represent Malaysia as in the domain address.

TransMY in one of their biggest projects

Therefore, when both trans and my combined, it becomes TransMY which means Transformers fandom that was spread out of its US/Japanese homeland across the continent to Malaysia.

TransMY was founded on 19th June 2003 in Plymouth, UK with its members and fan base concentrated on the local Malaysian Transformers scene.


Also known as the Malaysian Transformers Fandom Group, TransMY’s aims are to gather and unite all Transformers fans and collectors from Malaysia to provide a medium for information exchange, experience, and fun with the Transformers fandom and franchise.

Before TransMY was founded, Malaysian Transformers fans are scattered all around hobby forums, both international and local-based. Seeing the need of providing a ‘home’ to them, we have initiated this in a small Yahoo-based group and as years go by, we owned a site and build a forum on it.

When we realize the need to be involved in major events, we have decided to register the club as an official and legalized entity under Malaysian law in 2016. Our collections have gone as far as Sabah and Singapore, being loaned for exhibitions and events.

Members are currently made of old fans, rekindled fans, and new fans alike where we stood as one of the biggest Transformers consumer and buying power in Malaysia.

We are happy with this existance and we wish that our members will co-exist with us to make this fandom alive (and kicking!). Feel free to make use this portal as your Transformers home!

‘”Till All Are One”
“Sehingga Semuanya Adalah Satu.”