Wan’s MP Astrotrain Win in Sector70 Triple Changer Challenge

Wan’s MP Astrotrain Win in Sector70 Triple Changer Challenge

06/09/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

Our resident member and pro customiser, Wan de Real has made Malaysia proud. Just a days’ shy from Merdeka Day, Wan de Real has proven to the world’s Transformers community that a Malaysian can really do some serious scratchboarding by winning the first place in Sector70’s triple changing contest.

Wan de real has proven to all of us that it is not always making the best figure but above all is the skills to interpret an idea into a reality. While most members are ‘dreaming’ about Hasbro delivering fans a Masterpiece Astrotrain, Wan de Real has materialised his dreams into something that transfans can oogle and drool about.

Wan who has been famous with his Masterpiece masterpieces has produced our all time favorite Decepticon transporter Astrotrain as his latest selection not only to his personal project but also for the competition in Sector70.com.

The figure is not only massive, but articulated as well, a typical Masterpiece style that Wan has always employed in his customising methods.


Here is the statement by the judges in Sector70.com regarding Wan de real’s win in the competition:

“2 and half month time completion…this Masterpiece Astrotrain is made 70% scratchbuilts and 30% available parts…head (with custom LED) scratch use styrene sheet and putty adjusted from unicron head and Pretender helmet..the visor is scratch..both arm use adjusted G1 Ultra Magnus cab..the arm to body joint use styrene tube, energon bonecrusher parts and ultra magnus parts…fists is scratch from variety stuff such as perspecs holder and paper pin…the main body using steel that use for hold office partitions, piping tube and styrene sheet… the upper leg is from Galaxy Force Convoy Prime and lower leg is scratch from styrene and piping tube..all joints using available custom gear and clicking mechanism..panel lining is using special technique from drilling machine and diamond saw.. The height in robot mode is 16 inches…the alternate mode shuttle is from 1/72 Revell Big Space Shuttle model…only the tyres, front spotlight and cab of the locomotif is from bought 1/24 cina made train model ..the locomotif spotlight use custom LED…paint with airbrush using custom Tamiya Yellow, Purple, flat black and sparkling grey…finish with silver dry brush..no time tu paint more detail such as wires, button etc due to time limitations”.

And here are the results of the judgement:

Stars/Votes=Average Score
Bot – 222/49=4.531
Train – 235/50=4.7
Shuttle -222/47=4.72
Total – 679/146=4.651

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