Timichost Shutting

Timichost Shutting

08/01/2006 0 By Administratus Prime

As we all waited, Timichost will cancel this account anytime from now. Just to inform you, that the new forum/portal can be reached via www.transmy.com.

Migration is still in progress so expect no contents featured yet. Do bookmark the place, and if you have any questions, do pop your questions to the Moderators or myself.

Features of new TransMY portal/forum:

  • More image-heavy content such as galleries, tech spec archive & reviews
  • Knowledgebase stuff – all about TFs that you wanna know about.
  • More features offered by Mambo/Joomla addons
  • Forum & enhanced members interaction.

Any questions can be forwarded to any mods or myself:

Please note that any posts that takes place during the cancellation will not be backed-up as the major backup has been done few hours ago. If there are important information that you wish to share, please post only when the new forum is ready. Admin is not responsible for any data-loss prior to that cancellation.


Do stay tuned!

ps: new site http://www.transmy.com. update ur bookmarks peeps.

Source: Admin