Second Official Gathering With Q&A

Second Official Gathering With Q&A

01/02/2005 0 By Administratus Prime

The details for the gathering is now officially released. Please take note and please take actions accordingly and make your arrangements prior to the event.

TransMY 2nd Official Gathering
Date: 19th Feb 2005 (Saturday)
Time: 4.00pm-9.00pm
Venue: T.J Haus Restaurant, 27A, SS18/1B, 47500 Subang Jaya

Fee: min RM30 – max RM50 (food + complementary fee)
Food: Vote for a choice of ala-carte RM25.00 OR buffet RM45.00
Activities: Ice breaking, Q&A’s, reviews, auctions, quizzes, games, photography session, auction, BIG TF SHOWCASE & PLAYTIME!! etc



  • To gather more new members.
  • Build new friendships and harness existing relationships.
  • Widen our circle in the TransMYian network.
  • Promoting TransMY as a whole


  1. Why so early? – Because Malaysians are not punctual, you come at 4pm and you know what I mean.
  2. Why so long hours? – Seeing is believing, come and join us and you know why it was that long.
  3. What is the nearest landmark near TJ Haus? – Hyundai car showcase, Subang Jaya police station & Hosana Kitchen.
  4. Is there any info about TJ Haus that I can read about? – Try clicking here for details.
  5. Please describe what’s available in the a) ala-carte meal and b) buffet meal? – Mike says,” Ok…buffet style got 3 types of main course – fish, beef & I don’t remember one more, with salads and soups! Got a selection of rice and noodles. Ala-carte is more like a combo set meal got 2 selection of fish or beef with salad, soup and drink. Not so sure the type of style of cooking they going to do, that’s why we need members confirmation….but the manager told me he can give me top recommendation foods, so no worries.” P/S: This buffet is eat all you can thingy.
  6. Is the food halal? – Yes
  7. When will the choice of meal confirmed? – By referring to the votes, so please vote for your choice of meal as we will only take one choice based on majority vote. Please click here to vote.
  8. Quizzes got prizes or not? – Yuppers, if we got sponsors.
  9. What is the RM5.00 complementary fee for? – Many might question this and to be honest this is a small complementary fee for the GOC’s (Gathering Organising Committee) for their time and effort i.e. your attendance tag needs to be designed, the lamination need material such as paper, printer & plastic, to get this material we need to travel and hence they use their own fuel. So that small sum is just to cover part of their expanses and appreciate the job that they have done. Nothing in this world is free right?
  10. How much should I bring? – Minimum RM30 or RM50 and maximum RM100 just in case your car breakdown and you need servicing. No pun intended 😛
  11. When is the play time? – Before the gathering session wrap up.
  12. I am a newbie and I’m not sure how an attendance tag looked like. Can you show me? Click here for an example from the previous gathering.
  13. I got a problem with transport, please help. – PM me and I will forward your plight to the Transport Coordinator and he will advice you what to do.
  14. Is there any dress code? Smart casual. TF tee’s is much preferable.
  15. Are we gonna be in the papers? Maybe. Most possibly yes. You love limelight? We give you limelight!
  16. Is there any rules for toy bringers? Bring rare items where possible, we want to give newbie’s an opportunity to please their eyes.
  17. Is this gathering a closed gathering i.e. not a collaboration of TransMY & other collector clubs? Yes, only for registered TransMYian in our forum board. Non-TransMYian can come provided he/she being ACCOMPANIED by a TransMYian and her/his presence was already informed to the GOC’s.
  18. Is Cryotec crazy? Yes he is, cos he gonna give a TF convention to you guys in a couple of years if you guys treat him nice. Just have faith in him and the GOC’s (Wreckers).
  19. Any policy applies on guests? Yup.
  • If you bring your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, fiancĂ© or kids please NOTIFY GOC’s first. Please be sensible, this is a gathering for TransMYians and not a big family outing.
  • Kids below 15 years old won’t need to pay for their meals. They can share with their parent/guardian.
  • Partners (wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, fiancĂ©) of members who AGREED to join the gathering ala-carte/buffet must AGREE to pay only the sum of the charged food fee. RM5.00 does not apply to NON-MEMBERS as they won’t be paying for their attendance tag (not even getting them). If they are not willing to pay that amount, they will have to fund the food themselves (A/A style) and any expenses from there will be settled by themselves and TransMY will not be responsible for any dispute between NON-TRANSMY guests with the restaurant management.


  • For those interested please participate and INSERT YOUR NAME HERE in the forum!!
  • Expect to have at least RM50 to cover the meals and registration + attendance tag (this if majority selected RM45.00 buffet as the gathering menu + RM5.00 registration fee). Pocket money is up to you.
  • The management of TJ Haus Restaurant agreed to let us ‘PAU’ the whole restaurant if we have a minimum of 40 ATTENDEES! So what ya’ll waiting for? Fill the list up!
  • Please let us know if you are bringing any PARTNERS (girlfriend, fiancĂ©e, wifey, non- transmyian friend, etc), so that we can organise the seats in advance!
  • Please poll here for the choice of food and please INSERT your name! Thanks!
  • Gate crashers will be crashed.
  • Please let us know if you are bringing any PARTNERS (girlfriend, fiancĂ©e, wifey, non- transmyian friend, etc), so that we can organise the seats in advance!

P/S: GOC’s = Gathering Organising Commiteee a.k.a The Wreckers.