29/01/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

Just some quick updates of some restoration done on site. Gallery – restored 95% with members showcase being restored. Please be reminded that non-TF photos is not being uploaded as admin would like to strictly stick to the TF theme. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you don’t find your showcase there, that will only mean your gallery hasn’t being restored because your photos is NOT TF related AT ALL.

Showcasing in our gallery – can be done automatically and all registered members are welcomed to showcase their collection. If you have doubts and unfamiliarity of the uploads and how the gallery works, just zip up your showcase and fired an email to me; [email protected] and I will get it done for you. Remember, showcase must be TRANSFORMERS related ONLY! Non-TF stuff will be discarded without notice.

Review – Admin is working on a review module for the site. Excerpts of existing reviews littered around the forum board will be copied and pasted in the review section once done. Fret not as original contributors will be credited as a token of appreciation.

Kitbash section in gallery – Ryukaze will be officially in-charge of the Kitbash section of the gallery. He will showcase previous and current works in the gallery. Please be reminded that members who have projects done by him will be featured in th showcase as well wthout notice. If owners of the kitbash had any problem of haing their item showcased by Ryukaze, please inform him or myself.


Ongoing works on site – Admin is still working on two (2) more major sections of the site tha is a) BOTBASE and b) COLLECTING. Both sections will be knowledgebase sections where BOTBASE will feature a dedicated page for each TF realm available. The section will feature complete (as complete as we can get) tech-specs of all available bots from 1984 to present.

Collecting will share knowledge and information with tips, notes and techniques of collecting as a hobby. The section will be full of notes and articles for your leisure reading, andcompleted works so far – Publicity and Links.

Any suggestions and comments please drop them in the forum. Cheers!