MHI Morning & Premiere Tonight

MHI Morning & Premiere Tonight

27/06/2007 0 By Administratus Prime

MHI, Hi Hi Hi!! Today was a double event for TransMY, one was an interview via MHI and tonite, the exclusive premiere with fellow TransMYians in Cineleisure, Damansara. Our resident members, co-founder Monkticon and Kosmonaut was summoned by TV3 to Sri Pentas this morning.

The slot was allocated for them runs from 8am to 8.30am. They were interviewed about their involvements in TransMY, toy collecting as a hobby and their opinions about the movie.

The premiere will witness as many as 200+ movie goers consists of TransMYians and their guests e thronging to Cineleisure tonight. As many as 2 theatre screening will be used to accomodate them.

For those who have registered and paid but haven’t claim their tickets, please do so by contacting or SMS-ing Mike (Monkticon) at 016-3660441. Please confirm that you are coming. The tickets will be issued out to you at the venue. Please be aware that you can only bring guests that you have initially agreed upon. We cannot accomodate anymore guests without notice. If you feel it is important for you to do so, please contact Mike first for confirmation.


Details of screening are as follows;

Venue: Cathay Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara
Time: 9pm-11.30pm
Check-in: 8.30pm (or earlier due to tight security checks)
Dress Code: TransMY Official T-Shirt whenever possible! OR equivalent TF shirt.

Members are not allowed to bring;

  1. Cameras (digital, compact, DSLR, hp cameras)
  2. Handphones of any sort (3G/non-3G/PDA etc)
  3. Sound recording equipment

{mosgoogle}If you wish to take group photo and make final calls, take/call them before entering and keep your equipments in your car if you have worries about surrendering your stuff to the security guards. Please adhere to the most basic rules of going to the cinema!

Ever curious of how your ticket gonna look like??? Here goes;

Front Ticket Cover

Front Ticket Cover

Back Ticket Cover

Back Ticket Cover

Since this is an exclusive premiere, all members will be subjected to a very TIGHT security check on the entrance. What more can you ask for since TransMYians got the privilege to watch it earlier than the scheduled nationwide release on tomorrow or Friday?

Again we wish to stress out, please obey the rules, come early, and enjoy the film!! This announcement ws brought to you by the GOC of TransMY.

Till All Are One. Enjoy your premiere folks!