Kitbashers: Contribute Custom Figures For Gathering Auctions

Kitbashers: Contribute Custom Figures For Gathering Auctions

13/03/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

This announcement goes to all TransMY’s resident kitbashers and customisers and also to potential external contributors which is not from the TransMY community. TransMY is hosting a gathering this coming June and we would like to invite all local talents to showcase their customs via our gathering’s auctions.

Custom Transformers toys have been in a very hot demand lately and more and more home grown customisers have demonstrated their skills and many have proven that their expertise and professionalism are at par as our counterparts in the US.

Therefore TransMY is making this appeal for all able and willing customisers/kitbashers in TransMY and non-TransMY to contribute some custom/kitbashed/repaints for TransMY’s auction for our upcoming official gathering that will take place on the 5th of June 2011. This will be advantageous for small home grown kitbashers to go big by promoting their masterpieces in our gathering.


The Requirements:

  1. Contribute 1-3 custom figures (the more the better of course) based on the poll results that is currently running.
  2. Custom toys MUST be (at least) the size class of a deluxe, voyager, leader, masterpiece or an ultimate.
  3. If you are contributing only one, the size class must be at least a Voyager class. If you are contributing 2-3, it can be a mix of classes starting from deluxe upwards.
  4. Customs can be a scratchbuild (if you have enough time), repaint or a kitbash (articulation centric).
  5. All the customs must bear a TransMY logo as the insignia (encouraged). TransMY will provide contributors the high resolution of the logo file for that purpose.
  6. Once completed, please work on a profile photoshoot of the toy for showcasing purposes. It will be used for marketing purposes prior to the gathering to entice members and to gain momentum. The photos will be featured in the forums and TransMY’s Facebook page.
  7. Some customs (if too many participation) will be used in Lucky Draw/Raffle. We will consult the contributors for the final say regarding this as upon agreeing to have their customs for Lucky Draw, they will have to agree that they will get no cut from it.
  8. If you have any ready made customs that you wish to let go during the auction, you are more than welcome to do so although it does not fall in the choices made by our members in the POLLS.

The Cut:

  1. FOR TRANSMYIAN: Resident customisers from TransMY will get a 65% cut from the auctioned items. TransMY will keep 35%. The cut that TransMY will take only applies, if the bid exceeds 50% of the item price. (Contributor must declare the value’s worth of their toy prior to auctioning)
  2. FOR NON-TRANSMYIAN (external contributors): The cut is 55% for you, and TransMY will get to keep 45%.Example how the cut works: Say Wan is planning to auction his custom MP Astrotrain and the value’s worth is RM600. During auction, some attendees bid up to RM500. So for 65%, Wan gets to keep RM325 and TransMY keeps RM175. If the bid is lower than 50% of the toy’s worth, say some attendees bid up to RM200 only, Wan will get to keep all as the bid is lower than 50% of the value’s worth.

The Benefit:

  1. Contributors get to distribute flyers and business cards during the gathering. The more marketing and exposure generates more income for you!
  2. The business cards will be served on every table before gathering starts so the cards will be made free for all.
  3. Flyers and extra business cards will be served on the our registrar’s table.

The Submission:

  1. Submit your photoshoot profile – zip and email it to [email protected] with:
    • Name of the toy
    • Your name
    • A summary of the project take to be completed
    • Materials used (not compulsory just in case some techniques are confidential)
  2. The toy will be inspected during one of the yumchars prior to the gathering.
  3. Contributors will safeguard the toys until the event. (i.e. contributor will be responsible in delivering the toy to the event)

Note: So far we had 12 candidates in the POLLS. If contribution to custom all candidates exceeded, contributors are free to decide which character for them to custom and contribute.

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