DNS Gone Ruckus

DNS Gone Ruckus

10/01/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

Was informed about TransMY going into the telly this weekend, so I was so pressured into getting the site up thus forgetting that DNS needs few days to refresh.

Not taking any chances I have logged into the control panel and keyed in the DNS given.

Though it takes from 2-6 hours to be in effect, but to get it stable needs around 24-48 hours. Not taking any chances of doing it last minute for fear of not having it stabilized before the show goes on air,

I am taking action today. I know complaints will be inevitable since there will be missing contents here and there,  but I have no choice but to do it. I am not going to disappoint TV3 audiences who is going to storm the site ASAP after the show gone on air.


To save the group’s reputation, I ain’t going to take no chances. Let me know if I am doing the right thing. 🙂