AJAX Shoutboxes vs Glitches

AJAX Shoutboxes vs Glitches

04/01/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

I resurrected AJAX Shoutbox as it has been our members’ favorite chat tool while being logged to this site. Unbeknownst to me; upon installing Mojoblog, AJAX Shoutbox disliked it and generate errors below;

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare convert_smilies() (previously declared in wp-includes/functions-formatting.php:576) in /modules/mod_shoutbox.php on line 325.

The result is terribly annoying as all other modules which was located right after AJAX Shoutbox (user1) was truncated, i.e. not showing at all. A first I thought it was that rowdy Rokslideshow module on top of Mojo, but I was wrong as it was Mojo who happens to be the actual perpetrator.

I found a solution the next day which remedied the whole hiccup by making the shared instances – “convert_smilies()” in both Shoutbox and Mojo uniquely different from one another. Therefore I chose to change the instance which was located in Shoutbox as Shoutbox had less coding (smaller) compared to Mojo who have got few thousand lines of code which I DAREN’T take that risk of screwing up where the possibility is larger.


The instances was named as “convert_smilies1()” in Shoutbox whereas the same bloody instance in Mojo was retained.

Another glitch remedied it seems. Sigh.