How The Next Transformers Reboot Should Be

How The Next Transformers Reboot Should Be

22/01/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Michael Bay says DOTM woill be his last. While many is not sure how to feel about this, but I bet many fanboys welcome this decision to allow other directors to take over the helm of the Transformers live action who had been heavily ‘branded’ as Bayformers under his namesake. Here is some suggestions on how the series can pick back up after Transformers: DOTM and here are the story points:

Autobot Flashbacks In my eyes, a good way to expand the story in a reboot is to include flashbacks of Cybertron. As I see it, the Autobots are soldiers, they’ve been through alot. I think maybe a reboot with the flashbacks could add more character development for the Autobots, and maybe showing what they have sacrificed in the war, (friends etc.), could maybe add the audiences love and support of these Earth-Defending Transformers.

Full on Starscream! One thing that saddened me about the Live action Transformers Movies was Starscream. I feel like they really haven’t shown his true intentions enough. Prime example (pun not intended) if anyone grew up on Transformers like I did, they know that ‘Scream’s ultimate goal is to kill and overthrow Megatron as leader of the Decepticons. So hopefully,in a reboot, we might see Starscream’s true intentions shown to a greater extent.


Equal Autobot Screen Time Another thing I wasn’t thrilled about in the Movies (Mainly Revenge) is that the Autobots are sort of split up, having Bee, Wheelie, Jetfire,Optimus and the Twins the main Autobots, but everyone else in the BACKROUND! I mean come on Bay! When I first saw Sideswipe’s design, I thought it was the best movie Transformer design, but he only had 2 lines, and about 5 minutes tops of screentime. I think that the Autobots should always stay in a group, like in G1. So maybe every Autobot could have their Fair share. Just Maybe…