Hasbro’s Q&A

28/12/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Hasbro has answered the questions Seibertron ‘s community recently and this session is the final Q&A before stepping into 2010. On mold ownership Hasbro stressed out that Hasbro owns all of the molds and can determine what they want to do with those molds. Touching the collector’s market, Hasbro reiterated that;

“We think one of the reasons it may feel like there’s not as much collector-specific products is that we are right in the middle of the “movie madness” and we haven’t made any formal announcements for the Fall 2010 line and exclusives. We continue to look for opportunities to bring out the G1 re-issue characters that haven’t been released as re-issues before or do them in a new, different way. We are trying to avoid releasing the same versions that were released in 2003/2004.

We will continue to find these opportunities (like we did with Soundwave at Comic Con in 2009… hint hint). We will continue to bring Masterpiece toys as retailer exclusives where appropriate – there will be one in 2010. And as discussed at BotCon, we will be continuing the “Classics/Universe” toys in the back half of 2010 with a new name (it won’t be called Universe 3.0, but that’s the idea). In addition we also try to include fan favorites in the movie line like Bludgeon and Brawn as well as assortments like the Human Alliance assortment.


On planning ahead, Hasbro says that they did want to give the community some insight by planning out the entire line and all of the assortments well in advance, but that can also be a very fluid process. Hasbro will consistently view theirr yearly plans as “living organisms” that change and adapt over time, thus nothing is ever truly set in stone.

Source: Seibertron