Hasbro Transformers Q&A Dec 2008

29/12/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

 Sorry this is so late… For some reason we only got four out of our five answered.. We were waiting for the last answer, but we gave up… here we go!

1. What is Hasbro’s stance on fan-produced materials, like the upgrade armor for Ultra Magnus or the Extra parts for Masterpiece Megatron? Has Hasbro considered working with these companies directly?

Hasbro vigorously protects its trademarks and copyrights. While we won’t comment on specific examples, we will say that we are extremely appreciative of the passion of our fans as long as there is no infringement or a blatant attempt to create a business off of our brand.

2. How will consumers be able to identify the classics Ironhide with the corrected face paint? Will Hasbro offer some kind of trade in if a consumer wanted to exchange their incorrectly painted version?


Hasbro did not answer this question.

3. Why is the recent reissue of the G1 Optimus Prime so expensive? Considering today’s market, surely such an item would sell better with less extras and a lower price tag?

Well, I think you answered your own question on why it is the price it is – it’s because we added all the extras. In this case, we have sold G1 Optimus Prime before by itself and felt like we needed something more celebratory since it was the 25th Anniversary. So we thought that a commemorative pack with the 3 key elements that started it all – the first iconic toy, the first episodes, the first comic book, and of course Peter Cullen.

4. Are there plans for any more translucent “Stealth” versions, such as the Stealth Lockdown?

Definitely a possibility, especially if they appear in stealth mode in the show.

5. Does Hasbro have any plans to include any glow in the dark plastics in future Transformers releases?

We’re always looking at new materials to use and have considered glow in the dark paints and plastics in the past. Unfortunately, glow in the dark material is much more expensive than the regular old “dark in the dark” plastic. There are no plans to use glow in the dark right now, but if the right application comes along we’ll continue to look at it as an option.

Source: Collection DX