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Transformers 1

Introduced in 2007, Michael Bay has helped Hasbro to resurrect Transformers in a live-action film. This section is dedicated to the infamous Bayhem toys.

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Transformers 2 (ROTF)

Bayhem's sequel in 2009 involving two deaths and two resurrections. More toys were introduced into the Bayformers line with plenty of redecos and retools.

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Revenge Of The Falle...

Transformers 3 (DOTM)

Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon is Michael Bay's final that completes the movie trilogy. Masses of toys introduced with the introduction of new characters and new molds. Toy release date 16th May 2011.

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Transformers Asia Pr...

Live Action Movie

Dubbed as the infamous 'Bayformers', this new aggressively daring toy experiment delivers a new breed of plastic robot toys which is very alien like compared to it's G1 cousins. Loved by many and hated by some, this toyline does add to the variety of the Transformers multiverse.