Voight For President

27/10/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

 As regular readers know, we’ve been keeping track of what’s making it in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” – Optimus Prime — check, Shia LaBeouf – check, Rachel Taylor – nope, Amaury Nolasco – nope.

But what about Jon Voight, who played the Secretary of Defense John Keller? When we caught up with Angelina Jolie’s dad at the premiere of his film, “Pride and Glory,” he told us that while he has yet to film anything for “Transformers 2,” there’s still time to get in a quick appearance.

“I should be able to make a cameo,” Voight said. “That’s a good idea. Let’s talk to those guys about that.” And he even has a suggestion.


Voight said doing the first “Transformers” was “really a lot of fun,” that director Michael Bay “did a brilliant job,” and LaBeouf, who he had worked with previously on “Holes,” was “wonderful,” so he’d be happy to come back. But how?

“It all depends on the plot, of course,” he said, “and what the plot needs, you know. But the Secretary of Defense, we want to know what happens to him. Was there a new administration that came in? Maybe he ran for president. Maybe he became president.”

Considering that “Transformers 2” will be coming out following an election year, it could work. (Voight himself, as you might guess from his work in “An American Carol,” supports John McCain).

“I don’t know [if they’ll green-light a ‘Transformers’ cameo],” Voight said. “But I enjoyed being in that movie. It would be fun.”

Source: MTV