Travis Working on ROTF Soundtrack

10/04/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Travis Barker is one of the musicians who will make contribution to soundtrack of movie "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". Through his Twitter feed, he reveals that rapper Busta Rhymes is also involved in the project.

The drummer of band Blink-182 shares, "Listening to a new version of a track I'm playing on for Busta Rhymes for the 'Transformers 2' soundtrack." He ends his post, saying that the song "is jammin'."

As of press time, it is still unclear whether the song is a duet track between Travis Barker and Busta Rhymes or a demo track Travis is recording for Busta. Words on Blink-182's involvement are also yet to be disclosed.


Previously, Blink-182 announced their reunion during a gala ceremony of the 51st annual Grammy Awards on February 8. Following the announcement, bassist Mark Hoppus recently said that he "headed to the studio to start working on some stuff for the tour."

Source: Aceshowbiz