Transformers Alternity Info

21/06/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

TakaraTomy explains Alternity at Tokyo Toy Show 2008 that it is going to be a different series from Binaltech where the size is 1/32 scale so it can easily fit on any desktop. The size is slightly larger than deluxe size figures.

The pricing scheme was based on today's cost of the various materials used and there are two colors of the car because the silver was used to represent a real NISSAN GT-R color that is only available now and the red was chosen specifically because it is a Convoy. 

When transformed, the rear seats becomes the feet, the front seats when folded down becomes part of the armor surrounding the arms and the roof and the front grill have a spring action mechanism. The video demonstrates the spring action mechanism where the front grill is divided into three pieces: right, left and center. The right and left sides encloses the center piece.


Because the license is heavily under the supervision of NISSAN, we would like sales schedule to start in November but it may be delayed to the end of the year. The design of the head is going to be similar to Nike and Fire Convoy.

Source: Tformers