The Ride: Introduction To Evac

The Ride: Introduction To Evac

13/11/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

The hype is on for Transformers The Ride in Universal Studios Singapore. There have been talks and hints a lot regarding the ‘tour guide’ who’s going to guide visitors into the ride.

Let the video introduce you to Evac, dubbed as the new recruit of the Autobot (unsure if he is related to Movie 1 Evac?) team stationed on Earth and has never been in combat with Decepticons before — a bond he shares with the latest human recruits of NEST, right here at Universal Studios Singapore.



Created specially for this ride, EVAC is a Stealth Transport Bot, who is as agile and fast as they come. Built to handle rough combat situations, EVAC is eager to prove himself in battle. His specialty is transporting high‐level personnel and classified materials at hyper speeds.

Evac 's bio

Evac's appearance in alt mode and bot mode

Evac's leg shot by

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