TFCC Seacons Flaw

17/10/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

The first flaw, and the most serious, can be found on Tentakill.  The flaw can be found on the figures head (legs in robot mode) and occurs when transforming the toy.  Like several molding problems found in Transformers, the most recent example being Lockdown from Transformers Aniamted, the toy has too much plastic on a joint, which results in you being unable to rotate the legs around, thus meaning that you cannot transform the toy.

The only solution we have found so far is to unscrew the two screws in the legs, allowing you to pivot the legs around.  A permanent solution will be to sand off the edges of the pink leg plastic.

We should have a full photographic gallery of the toy online later this weekend, and will highlight the molding flaw.  What you need to remember is to be careful, too much force will break the plastic.


The second flaw in on Seawing, and is more of a minor problem.  The whole on Seawing, used to fit the Pirranacon hand and his gun, is too large to firmly hold the gun in-place.  This means the guns will fall out of the toy if held vertically.

Other flaws in the toys molding is that the whole in Tentakill, to place the Pirranacon foot, is slightly too small, though you can still fit the foot on the toy.

Source: Transformers Toys