TFC Hercules In Full-Color Glory

TFC Hercules In Full-Color Glory

19/12/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Still on ‘not-Constructicon’ mood courtesy of TFC, these guys have released a fresh new set of pictures for Constructicon fans to ogle for more.

In contrary to the blurry picture featured earlier, the teases is now over with a cool full-colored close-up photos of TFC Hercules released by TFC.

Pinched from mirrored images at Weibo, the set of pictures reveals detailed shots of Hercules’ articulated fingers alongside full-colored previously ‘uncolored’ Mad Blender (Mixmaster) and Neckbreacker (Bonecrusher).


TFC Hercules - full fledged

Face and head close up

Fist of fury, how articulated they are?

Comparison: Hercules vs Primus

As mentioned in the source, TFC Hercules will stand as tall as Cybertron Primus figure making it big daddy of the combiners in Supreme Class!

Mad Blender and neckbreaker will be heading our way in March and April 2012.